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The Treasure Bowl

Meet the Treasure Bowl. Designed for all those tricky eaters out there. At the bottom of the bowl is a sealed compartment to hide a small after dinner treat. Then fill the bowl up with their food and let the munching begin. The only way for them to get to their treasure is by getting through their food, turning tricky eaters into happy little treasure seekers.  Sounds like a simple concept, but somehow this puppy took us a crazy 5 years to get right. Some designs we tried threw scraps of food straight into the middle of the treat. Some leaked sauce and some melted the treat. A long line of impressive failures, and then finally, a mere 5 years later, we...

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The Tale Of Broccoli Trickery

Olivia up with a healthy love of broccoli because whenever she was naughty her mother would threaten her with a weeks broccoli ban! We all want what we can't have... and so began her green obsession. Ah the genius of a little reverse psychology.

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