Turn A Hike Into A Hunt

Welcome to the magical world of geocaching, that's sure to get kids happily hiking. If you haven't heard of it, this may well blow your mind (in a good way). 

Here's how it works -

Hidden round the world are millions of geocaches (little physical treasure boxes) waiting to be found. Right now they'll likely be a bunch in walking distance of you, hidden under rocks, benches and all sorts. 

Download the app and it will show you the geocaches near you or in any areas to want to explore. Then set off and follow the coordinates to the treasure. When you get close you can access some free clues as to where exactly it's hidden. That's the really fun bit.

In each geocache is either a little log book or sometimes small toys and treasure. Just know that the etiquette is to replace each piece of treasure you take with something else for the next explorer. Oh and if you're in the middle of a hunt and you see a non geocacher (a 'muggle; as they're known) just play it cool and don't give away the game. 

This stuff is seriously seriously fun! 

Learn more at www.geocaching.com or download it in the App Store.